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Operating System for Education

Holon is a web-based platform that vertically integrates everything needed to run a high functioning school. It's easy to use, affordable, and streamlines your operations.

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What problem do we solve?

Running a high functioning K-12 school is shockingly hard. Staff and admin have their heart in the right place, but their OS is old, patchwork, hobbled together, and inefficient.

Holon is a bundled OS that helps schools become more efficient, more effective, and more individualized in how they regard each student.

What makes Holon different?

Holon is the first full stack platform for schools that integrates every aspect of schooling in one place.

It replaces dozens of applications with a single platform and includes next generation functionality like hybrid learning, Web3 credentials, pre-built lesson plans, AI proctoring, social networking, and autograding.

What can you do with Holon?

  • Manage admissions, payments, and school directories.
  • Deliver lessons, quizzes, and assessments to students.
  • Create a master schedule, build courses, and enroll students.
  • Communicate with guardians, generate reports, and connect with your stakeholders.
  • Offer live online classes, one-to-one tutoring, and live streamed events.

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Common Questions

What kind of school is Holon designed for?

Holon works for individual private schools, K-12 district systems, and universities.

Does Holon require training?

No, getting started with Holon is as easy as using TurboTax. We do offer regular professional development and video tutorials for power users.

Does Holon include curriculum?

Yes! We currently developing a built-in mathematics curriculum with pre-built lesson plans, teacher scripts, and student workbooks.

What does the word Holon mean?

Holon is a systems design where each part of the system is a whole. It’s how we want the global education system to work in the future - where all schools are networked together.

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